Happy Birthday CIBACCO!


That’s right, it’s our birthday! Cibacco is one year old! How did we achieve this happy milestone? By staying true to our founding concept—to bring to the city of Brussels the authentic flavours of our Italian homeland, prepared fresh every day and offered at reasonable prices, and served conveniently on-the-go via our eco-friendly bicycle trucks.
And Mamma Mia, has it been a busy year! Our distinctive Cibacco bicycle trucks have logged hundreds of kilometres and served thousands of lunches on the streets of our city. We have also brought our talents to bear on catering business lunches and private events. And as our fan base has grown, so has our commitment to maintain the quality that sets us apart.

Now, our second summer is on the doorstep, and you know what that means: The friendly drrrin-drrrin of our bicycle bells ringing out to signal the classic Italian dishes you’ve come to expect (as well as some new entrees to enhance our menu).

Taste. Convenience. Affordability. These are the hallmarks of the food we grew up with in Naples. And these are the commitments of Cibacco.

Grazie a tutti!


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